Self-Assessment 5%

I would give myself an overall score of 4.5/5 for my self assessment. As I learned how to present myself on the online space, I got better as the semester went on. I learned how to engage with my audience through instagram and even made a few connections with official accounts. I have also been featured on their accounts and gotten recognition from them. As to my statistics, I personally think throughout these 3 months, I did get some views (mainly on my Instagram rather than my website). Though there were not many visiting users, it is a start. I would like to continue my journey as a food blogger on instagram but maybe not on an actual website. Another aspect I would like to work on would be to be more consistent. Although I finished the posts in the end and created the content for my food posts, the consistent posts would have kept my statistics higher and kept me relevant. I’ve taken a lot from this course and the guest speakers really open up my perspective on their personal professions. My post and online presence was uniformed throughout the semester and I believe my use of another platform (Instagram) really enhanced my blog. I tried to be more personable and gave off a friendlier vibe to start conversation. People have left comments and even complimented my posts. This has been a great experience, and I am glad everything ran smoothly!

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