Peer Review #1

I have been assigned to review Charlie’s blog ; A game review site

My first impression on the aesthetics of the blog:

The colour scheme of the blog and the layout seemed to work well with the content. The gray coloured background versus the contrast of the white sidebar really made the sidebar standout. Everything is categorized correctly and easily accessible (dropdown menus + sidebar menus). The banner at the top also gives the audience a sense of what the blog is about. Overall, Charlie’s blog has a really good setup which leads the audience in to further explore his content.


Charlie is definitely knowledgable about what he is talking about. I think he chose a good topic to base his blog about. The way he incorporated the superhero prompt into his gaming topic was perfect. He added a twist to his post and it was a fun read compared to his other more serious game reviews. Because of the evident persona of the superhero, it made me as the reader want to comment and communicate with him. This post alone helped build a personal cyberinfrastructure (even thought it was a one time thing) – it created the initiative to engage which can be helpful in the long run. Charlie does a good job leading in the audience, but making them stay is much harder as most of his blog is filled with long blocks of text.


I think Charlie’s blog is going towards the right direction. The posts are very consistent and well thought-out. It is evident that he is passionated about his topic, but I would suggest to be more personal and create a softer tone. Most of the gaming posts consist of the game explanation and gameplay, but the personal thoughts are sometimes lost at the end and feel quite rushed. I think building a consistent persona will help with returning readers as it will help build deeper relationships. John Suler’s ‘Online Disinhibition Effect’ reading might help create that tone as he talks about how important it is to have an online persona. Another aspect about the blog I would suggest is to focus on hierarchy- not so much on what to look at first, but to add some visual context on the landing page. Adding a visual cue on the posts can help deferential the gaming posts to the #posiel posts. A picture or screen cap can also captivate the audience right off the back when landing onto the page. Other than that, I think Charlie’s blog is very informative even for someone who does not know much about games.

I’ll be sure to be back to learn more about games, let me know if you want any food suggestions!  🙂

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