Street Food Vancouver App

This app is a life saver. ‘Street Food Vancouver’ is an app that lets you know where food trucks are located around Vancouver. Since these trucks are always on the move, this app helps me track them down to satisfy my cravings!



The app launches with all the trucks registered with the service. They are all pinpointed on a map which lets you know exactly where they are!


After clicking into a certain point it shows you which food truck it is and when it will be open. Going into the lists, the app gives you more information about the company and lists where and when the truck will be for the rest of the week ( so you can plan ahead ).

As someone who has studied user interface design, the only thing I would recommend for a change in this app would probably to add more photos. As it is a food app, I think more visual cues on what food is being offer might help the app and the food truck business increase in consumers. Maybe a collaboration or crossover with yelp or instagram might help gather photos. Besides that, I do recommend looking into this app if you’re a foodie like me!

This makes it so much more convenient to have everything all in one app instead of googling each food truck at a time. Make sure to download it and eat your heart out!

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