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Who doesn’t want warm soup on a cold and windy Vancouver day. We all know how the weather is like here… unpredictable and unreliable. (Can’t even trust the weather network app)

But remember the app I told you guys about last week?

You even get coupons! I did not even know I could get $1 off if I showed the app to Crab Park Chowdery. (They were having a promotion last week, so check before you go)

They have an actual location at:

221 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K8

but they also have a food truck around central downtown. Their truck looks like a little cabin to give off that extra homey feel. I decided to try the two clam chowders and their classic grilled cheese.



Grilled Cheese – $8

No add ons just their classic grilled cheese, but look at that! Nice and crispy + VERY fresh off the grill (almost burnt my finger trying to do a cheese pull photo)


Aesthetics: 3/5 – just because I took it as take out * I assure you eating in at the main location is a 5/5 aesthetic
Taste: 5/5 – did I mentioned that I love fried chicken…well, cheese might be the only thing above fried chicken…
Price: $8


New England Clam Chowder (Red) $6

I am usually not a fan of red/tomato based soups or sauces but this one was not bad. It had a mild kick of spice in it and was very flavourful. This one worked really well with the grilled cheese. Dipping in the grilled cheese in this soup was a perfect balance.

Aesthetics: 3/5
Taste: 3/5 – personal preference of disliking tomato / tangy based soups
Price: $6

Manhattan Clam Chowder (White) $6

This one is usually my all time favourite. It’s a classic and it has a hearty feeling to it. The chowder was thick and had potatoes and sausages inside. Honestly couldn’t stop reaching my spoon into it…

Aesthetics: 3/5  – again only because I took it togo, the bread bowls definitely look 5/5
Taste: 4.5/5 – so heart-warming
Price $6

  • You can also get both chowders in a bread bowl for $10 each!

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